US petroleum refining company CVR Energy is planning a renewable diesel project at its Kansas site, Reuters reported on 3 November.

The plans for the 132,000 barrels/day Coffeyville site were dependent on its success in producing the fuel at its Wynnewood plant in Oklahoma, the refiner said to Reuters.

CVR said it had excess hydrogen capacity and a high-pressure hydrotreater at Coffeyville that could be repurposed for renewable diesel production, pending approvals.

The company said it was converting a hydrocracker at Wynnewood for the production of renewable diesel, which could receive feedstock as early as May 2021, and begin processing by the following July.

Crude oil processing at the plant would decrease from 75,000 barrels/day to 55,000-59,000 barrels/day.

“If market conditions change materially, then we would have the option to return the unit to hydrocarbon service fairly easily at minimum cost,” CVR chief executive David Lamp said on an earnings call with investors.

If refining margins remained weak, the refiner planned to install a pre-treatment unit at Wynnewood to process lower carbon-intensity feedstocks such as inedible corn oil, animal fats and used cooking oil.

Headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas, CVR Energy is a diversified holding company involved in the petroleum refining and marketing business through its interest in CVR Refining. It is also active in the nitrogen fertiliser manufacturing sector through its interest in CVR Partners.