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Swedish network video specialist Axis Communications has produced camera parts using a polyamide made from castor bean oil developed by DSM Engineering Materials – part of Dutch chemicals company DSM.

Axis Communications launched three products containing renewable bio-based plastics last year: AXIS P3818-PVE, AXIS Q1656 and AXIS Q1656-LE. AXIS Q1656 was the company’s first product series containing DSM’s bio-based plastic EcoPaXX, DSM said in a statement on 13 December.

An aliphatic polyamide, EcoPaXX combined the benefits of typical short and long chain polyamides, such as low moisture uptake and high mechanical performance, the company said, with EcoPaXX Q150-D and Q-DWX6 offering heat resistance up to 150°C, high dimensional stability, impact performance up to minus 30°C, and UV resistance under a polycarbonate dome.

“We see the use of bio-based materials as an important step in the transformation to a world less dependent on fossil fuel,” Carl Trotzig, director of quality and environment at Axis, said.

EcoPaXX can also be used in the car, consumer goods and electronics, water management and food contact sectors.