Dutch margarine brand’s anti-palm oil campaign ruled to be misleading

A Dutch margarine brand’s anti-palm oil advertising campaign has been ruled to be misleading and inaccurate, the European Palm Oil Alliance (EPOA) reports.

“The Flower Farm (TFF) now has to adjust its packaging, television commercial, video, social media messages and website,” the EPOA said on 17 December.

According to the Board of Appeal (CvB) of the Dutch Advertising Code Committee (RCC), TFF’s statement that a family saved 30m2 of rainforest each year when it used its margarine was incorrect and in violation of the Environmental Advertising Code, the EPOA said.

The CvB judgement confirmed a RCC November ruling that TFF’s campaign was misleading, inaccurate and indiscriminate. TFF had appealed against part of the RCC ruling.

“In the Netherlands, all margarine is deforestation-free,” the EPOA said. “In its marketing campaign, TFF is erroneously opposing sustainable palm oil, and sets up consumers against margarines containing sustainable palm oil.

“The CvB considers all claims suggesting that (all) tropical rainforest must be destroyed for palm oil incorrect and therefore misleading. Also misleading is the claim that palm oil exterminates animals (including orangutans),” the EPOA added.

The EPOA is a business initiative of palm oil refiners and producers comprising Bunge Loders Croklaan, Cargill, Fedepalma, the Indonesian Palm Oil Association, the Malaysian Palm Oil Council, the Netherlands Oils and Fats Industry (MVO), Olenex, Sime Darby Oils and Unigra.