Biofuels producer ECB Group Paraguay announced on 26 January that it had signed a multi-year contract to supply global energy giant Shell with more than 2.5bn litres of renewable diesel and renewable jet fuel.

Forecast to start in 2024, the contract would involve the supply of more than 500M litres/year of biofuels, ECB said.

The renewable diesel (hydrotreated vegetable oil or HVO) and renewable jet fuel (synthetic paraffinic kerosene/SPK), also known as sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), would be produced at ECB’s planned Omega Green biorefinery in Paraguay, with a total production capacity of 20,000 barrels/day of HVO, SPK/SAF and green naphtha.

“With Shell’s well-known focus on decarbonisation initiatives, it makes perfect sense for us to work together to provide renewable fuels solutions, especially in the road transportation and aviation sectors,” ECB Group founder and CEO Erasmo Carlos Battistella said.

The ECB Group is a leading Brazilian producer of biodiesel with a capacity of 828M litres/year.

“Biofuels must play a key role in achieving a net-zero emissions energy system, but collaboration is critical if the world’s supply and use of these low-carbon fuels is to become more widespread,” Shell vice president for Products Trading and Supply (Americas) Odeh Khoury said.