The use of food ingredients in personal care products is rising, according to edible oil supplier Kerfoot on 20 July.

An Avril Group company, Kerfoot is a global supplier of bulk and packed refined and speciality oils to brands, manufacturers and distributors in the food and personal care sectors.

“The idea of food ingredients making this jump is not new – olive oil is a great example,” Kerfoot Group sales & marketing director Simon Corner said.

“Olive oil has proven to be a highly effective ingredient for skin care, with hydrating and emollient effects, and is now commonly found in creams and lotions. What is particularly exciting now is the sheer diversity of ingredients that are following suit.”

Avocado was one example, he said, due to it being a natural source of Vitamins C, E, K and B6, and for its hydrating qualities in skincare products.

Purchasing trends had shown that consumers were choosing natural ingredients over synthetic options, Corner said.

“The power of plant-based ingredients over synthetic or synthesised additives can be seen clearly in personal care – particularly for brands looking to get creative with formulations,” he added.

For example, macadamia nut oil, which was high in both omega-3 and omega-6 fats, was proving to be a popular natural addition to personal care products, he said.

Popular uses of macadamia nut oil included face and body moisturisers, massage and therapeutic oils, according to Corner.

Coffee butter was another example, he explained. Created by hydrogenating the oil of pressed coffee beans, the resulting butter was popular in anti-ageing and sensitive skin soap products.