Efeca launches new resource hub to aid sustainable commodity sourcing including palm and soyabean oils

UK-based environmental consultancy Efeca has announced the launch of a sustainable commodities resource hub.

Created in collaboration with Partnerships for Forests, the free online platform was designed to help businesses source sustainable forest-risk commodities – including palm and soyabean oils, Efeca said on 31 August.

“Sustainable sourcing is extremely complex – and navigating through the wealth of information and advice available can be challenging,” Efeca director Emily Fripp said.

“The goal [of the hub] is to help businesses make the right decisions when it comes to forest commodities, so they can make a meaningful contribution to mitigating climate change and the destruction of fragile ecosystems across the globe.”

Efeca said the hub categorised resources into distinct steps on the sustainable sourcing journey and provided specific advice on how to communicate sustainability issues to other businesses.

The Sustainable Commodities Resource Hub can be found at https://www.efeca-resource-hub.com/

Efeca provides specialised advice on responsible sourcing, sustainable trade and the use of agricultural and forest commodities. The organisation has been active in over 30 countries, across agricultural and forest risk commodities including palm oil, soyabean oil, timber, pulp and paper, beef and leather (cattle), sugar, coffee, cocoa and rubber.