Spanish agribusiness Elian Barcelona has started processing soyabeans at its renovated plant at the Port of Barcelona, in Spain, World Grain reported.

A subsidiary of Viserion Oilseed Processing, a newly formed subsidiary of Viserion International, Elian Barcelona announced the acquisition of the soyabean crushing plant in Moll Álvarez de la Campa from global agribusiness giant Cargill in October, the 23 May report said.

At the time of the acquisition, Elian Barcelona said it planned to expand the plant’s capabilities to produce a wider range of food and speciality feed ingredients, including concentration and textured protein, key to supporting the delivery of farm-to-food products across European and Mediterranean markets.

According to the Catalonia Trade & Investment agency, the plant serves the Catalan, Spanish and European feed and food ingredient sectors.

The plant produced 2,500 tonnes/day of concentrated and textured protein for use in plant-based alternative foods and animal feed also produced soyabean oil for use in food, cosmetics, adhesives and fuels, World Grain wrote.

“The integration of the plant into the Elian/Viserion group will allow us to incorporate an experienced team along with an efficient facility with direct access to raw material imports, ensuring the production chain,” Elian Barcelona CEO Andreu Martín was quoted as saying.

Viserion International is backed by a fund managed by Pinnacle Asset Management, a US-based alternative asset management firm focused on global commodities markets.