German foreign trade of biodiesel hit record highs in 2018, totaling around 3M tonnes, with imports showing striking growth, according to a press release by Germany’s Union for the Promotion of Oil and Protein Plants (UFOP) on 19 February.

The German Federal Statistics Office reported that biodiesel imports exceeded the mark of 1M tonnes for the first time, reaching 1.2M tonnes, an increase of 430,000 tonnes or just less than 55% from 2017 figures.

“According to investigations conducted by Agramarkt Informations-Gesellschaft (AMI), the bulk of deliveries – around 860,000 tonnes – came via the Netherlands and Belgium,” UFOP said. “In other words, the share of these countries more than doubled. However, this biodiesel did not only originate from the Benelux countries but was sourced from third countries and then distributed in Central and Northern Europe.”

Germany also sold a record amount of just over 1.8M tonnes of biodiesel abroad, the UFOP report said. Exports were up around 16% year-on-year. The key recipient countries were the Netherlands and Poland, where demand had remained virtually unchanged over the past three years.