Canadian grain company G3 Canada, which operates a grain elevator in Québec City, has announced that its long-term partnership with the Port of Québec would continue for another 30 years.

The agreement continued the 50-year collaboration between the grain company and the port, G3 said on 6 February.

“Our partnership with the Port [of Québec] makes the difference in our ability to meet the demands of agricultural producers who want to market their grain at lower cost and as quickly as possible to world markets,” G3 Canada president Don Chapman said.

G3 Canada is part of Canadian grain company G3, which specialises in importing and exporting grains and oilseeds such as corn, soyabeans, wheat and canola.

Headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, G3’s operating companies also includes G3 Terminal Vancouver, which operates a grain export terminal on Canada’s West Coast.

According to its website, G3 Canada operates a network of grain elevators in Western Canada and a network of port terminals in Eastern Canada.

The Québec City terminal is located close to agricultural producers in eastern Québec and can receive ships transiting the St Lawrence Seaway.

With a storage capacity of over 225,000 tonnes, G3’s terminal handles grain and oilseeds at the Port of Québec before it is shipped to Africa, Europe, the Middle East and South America.

Port of Québec president and CEO Mario Girard said the collaboration would continue to strengthen the supply chain.