Leading Canadian biotechnology company Genecis Bioindustries and Dutch firm Helian Polymers have announced a partnership to create polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA)-based formulations.

The partnership will involve the development of a range of resin formulations, including Genecis’ PHAs for high-value applications, such as 3D printing filaments and biomedical applications, according to the 16 December statement.

Combining Genecis’ knowledge of converting food waste into biodegradable plastics with Helian Polymers’ expertise in creating PHA-based materials, the collaboration would lead to the production of bio-based materials which mimic the properties of traditional petrochemical plastics, the companies said.

Genecis upcycles organic waste into compostable plastics and its rapid scaling model allows high throughput production capacity by adding their technology onto biogas plants.

The company has offices in Canada and has plans to expand into the European Union (EU).

Active in the bioplastics sector since 2007, Helian Polymers also trades internationally in colour concentrates and additives.

Last year, the company – a sister company of leading European 3D printing firm colorFabb that developed PHA and polylactic acid (PLA)/PHA blended filaments – launched its own brand of bioplastics, PHAradox.

PHA is considered a viable alternative to petroleum-based plastic because the new technology allows its plastic waste to completely decompose in the ocean and soil in a significantly shorter period of time.