Source: Givaudan
Source: Givaudan

Swiss multinational flavour, fragrance and cosmetic ingredients manufacturer Givaudan has teamed up with plant equipment firm Bühler and retail company Migros to set up a cultured meat pilot plant, the companies announced on 15 September.

The three Switzerland-based companies said they had formed a new entity, the Cultured Food Innovation Hub, in Kemptthal near Zurich.

A standalone company wholly owned by the three companies to develop cultured meat, the new venture would also help other firms develop their own products and fermentation techniques, the companies said.

The plant would be equipped with a product development lab as well as cell culture and bio fermentation equipment to help start-ups develop new products, according to the statement.

“Cellular agriculture offers a solution in several areas from reducing land use and water, to animal welfare, to the safety and quality of the food chain,” Bühler’s chief technology officer Ian Roberts said.

“The three partners in this new venture are each committed to sustainability as individual companies; the combined effort enables the journey to a more sustainable food system.”

The new plant was due to become operational next year, the companies said.