US tyre giant Goodyear announced a new sustainable soyabean procurement policy on 18 March.

The company said the policy’s aim was to help guide processors, farmers and all other members of the supply chain to establish practices and make sound environmental and social decisions related to the growing, harvesting and processing of soyabeans.

“Goodyear’s use of soyabean oil is growing, and we want our actions to make a difference in the lives of soyabean farmers and others in the soyabean supply chain,” said Goodyear vice president Maureen Thune.

“Our new policy will help guide us as we work with processors, farmers and others to strengthen the sustainability of the global soyabean supply chain.”

As well as the expectation that its soyabean suppliers manufacture their products in a responsible and environmentally manner, the new policy also covers issues such as human rights and land acquisition and use.

Goodyear said it was committed to increasing the use of sustainable materials in its products, including soyabean oil.

With the support of the United Soybean Board, the company has developed a tread compound in which soyabean oil replaces some or all of petroleum-derived oil.

In 2020, Goodyear’s use of soyabean oil increased 73% compared to the previous year, making progress toward its long-term goal of completely replacing petroleum oil in its products by 2040.

Goodyear’s soyabean oil procurement policy is effective immediately and applies to all soyabean-based materials sourced by the company’s operations worldwide.