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US tyre giant the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company (Goodyear) has launched a demonstration tyre made from 70% sustainable material.

Comprising 13 ingredients – including carbon black, soyabean oil, silica and polyester – across nine different tyre components, the new product highlighted Goodyear’s progress towards the launch of a tyre made from 100% sustainable material by 2030, the company said in its 5 January statement.

“We set an ambitious goal in 2020 to create a tyre made 100% from sustainable materials in 10 years, and our scientists and engineers have made great progress toward that goal,” said Chris Helsel, Goodyear’s senior vice president (global operations) and chief technology officer.

Carbon black is included in tyre production to give compound reinforcement and increase product life and is traditionally made by burning a range of petroleum products. Goodyear’s new tyre, however, features three different carbon blacks produced from methane, carbon dioxide and plant-based oil.

Goodyear uses soyabean oil in its tyres to maintain the product’s rubber compound pliability in changing temperatures and, in 2020, the company’s use of soyabean oil increased 73% compared to the previous year.

Silica is used in the tyres to help improve grip and reduce fuel consumption, while the polyester used is recycled from plastic bottles and other plastic waste.