Goodyear to increase use of soyabean oil in tyres

US tyre and rubber company Goodyear plans to replace petroleum-derived oils with soyabean oil in all its tyres by 2040 and increase its soyabean oil consumption by 25% by 2020.

The company said on 21 October that using green technology was more sustainable could capture a growing section of consumers who factored environmental concerns into their buying decisions.

“Using soya to replace petroleum-based raw material provides a more sustainable and renewable product,” said Gregg Fujan, United Soybean Board (USB) director. “That is a win for manufacturers and consumers while providing another market opportunity for farmers.”

Soyabean oil also allowed greater flexibility at lower temperatures, providing better traction in the cold and making it ideal for production of all-weather tyres, Tire Business wrote.

The company’s scientists, working with the USB, also discovered that soyabean oil mixed more easily with rubber compounds and reduced energy consumption in the mixing process, improving manufacturing efficiency.

Currently, Goodyear had three tyre lines produced with soyabean oil: the Assurance WeatherReady, Eagle Exhilarate and Eagle Enforcer All-Weather.

Development of the Assurance WeatherReady range allowed for soyabean oil to replace petroleum-derived oil in the tread compound, and reduced petroleum-based materials in the whole tyre by 60%, Tire Business reported.