UK-based biodiesel supplier Greenergy has completed expansion works at its plants in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and on Teesside in the UK.

The investment included an upgrade to the pre-treatment process to allow for a wider range of waste oils as feedstocks, the company said on 18 January.

“We are constantly looking at how we can increase efficiency across our … operations and the commissioning of these expansion works in Amsterdam and on Teesside is key to our strategy to support the energy transition through waste-derived fuel products,” Greenergy CEO Christian Flach said.

According to its website, Greenergy operates a global waste oils collection service and converts them to renewable biodiesel.

As well as the Amsterdam and Teesside plants, the company operates a second UK biodiesel plants at Immingham.

The company has also invested in its own aggregation business based in Singapore and operates a joint venture collection business in Australia with Greenlife Oil.