Leading Japanese multinational car and motorbike manufacturer Honda has plans to start producing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), the Stars&Stripes reported.

Honda planned to expand its algae-cultivating business at plants in Japan and overseas, with the aim of producing SAF by around 2030, the 7 February report said.

With Japan currently reliant on imports for its SAF, Honda’s new business would boost domestic production of the fuel, according to the report.

Honda has begun collaborating with a domestic energy-related company over the production and distribution of SAF, Stars&Stripes wrote.

If Honda could produce SAF independently, it said it would be able to increase the competitiveness of its HondaJet small business jet and its “flying car,” which it was developing as a next-generation form of transport, the report said.

The Japanese government has set a goal of using SAF for 10% of the fuel used by Japanese airline companies by 2030.