Impossible Foods ©
Impossible Foods ©

US alternative meat start-up Impossible Foods is launching its plant-based pork in Hong Kong, Singapore and the USA, the company announced on 23 September.

Impossible Pork would be available first in the USA, and then in Hong Kong at more than 100 restaurants followed by a November launch in Singapore, the company said.

Soya protein and coconut and sunflower oils are among the ingredients of the new plant-based pork.

Gluten-free and containing no nitrates, the pork alternative could be served in any ground meat dish including spring rolls, meatballs, dumplings or tacos, the company said.

Founded in 2011, the company’s first launch was the Impossible Burger in 2016 and this was followed by other meat-free products including plant-based sausage and, more recently, plant-based chicken nuggets.

The main ingredient responsible for mimicking the taste and texture of Impossible Foods’ meat substitutes is soya leghaemoglobin, a source of heme, which is a key protein responsible for meat’s colour and savoury flavour.