Bulk liquid handler International-Matex Tank Terminals (IMTT) is expanding its capacity for renewable diesel and biodiesel, the company announced on 25 August.

The company said the project at its Geismar marine terminal in Louisiana, USA, would include six new storage tanks, pipelines, and related dock and loading infrastructure to handle renewable feedstocks and products, including renewable diesel and biodiesel.

Backed by IMTT’s long-term contract with US biodiesel and renewable diesel producer Renewable Energy Group (REG), the company said the project would support REG’s nearby biorefinery expansion, which was due for completion in 2023.

“Projects like this further extend our participation and know-how into the growing low-carbon and alternative fuels markets,” IMTT CEO Carlin Conner said.

IMTT said the Geismar terminal expansion would double the terminal’s current storage capacity.

REG acquired the Geismar biorefinery facility in 2014.

IMTT has its headquarters in New Orleans, Louisiana and handles and stores bulk liquid products through its ownership and operation of 19 terminals in North America and Canada.