Point68 ©
Point68 ©

A luxury face product containing insect oil has been launched by US company SIBU in partnership with insect industry professional Josh Galt.

Developed as a joint venture between the two companies, Point68 – a reference to insects and other anthropods which have six and eight legs respectively – is a luxury face product containing oil from the black soldier fly.

The beauty product contains pure extract of soldier grub oil, also known as black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) oil. Other ingredients include sea buckthorn fruit oil, argan oil and sunflower oil.

Soldier grubs are the larvae of the black soldier fly.

The BSFL oil is extracted from insects, according to the SIBU website, which have been farmed in modern facilities under controlled conditions.

Scientists have been conducting research for years into the insects’ capabilities to fight bacteria and clean up microbial pathogens, SIBU said.

“While scientific studies have demonstrated the efficacy of insect oil composition both nutritionally and topically for the human body, Point68 is the first product to utilise this nutrient dense oil in combination with other botanicals… for a beauty skincare regimen,” Point68 said on its website.

Extracted from the insect using a chemical-free, cold-press process, the oil is then filtered for purity, according to the SIBU website, producing an oil which is naturally rich in omega-3 fatty acids 3, 6 and 9.

The oil is particularly high in lauric acid, according to the SIBU website, which is a medium-chain fatty acid also found in coconut oil.

Utah-based SIBU offers a wide range of sea buckthorn beauty products.