A class action has been filed against Nestlé Health Sciences – a business unit of Swiss food and drink giant Nestlé – and its Nature’s Bounty fish oil supplement brand, Top Class Actions reported.

Filed by Anthony Fasce in a New York federal court, the lawsuit claimed that Nature’s Bounty fish oil supplements were falsely advertised as being beneficial for cardiovascular health, the 19 February report said.

Fasce’s lawsuit claims that the supplements are sold in a bottle prominently labelled “heart health” despite randomised trials showing fish oil has no heart-related benefits, according to the report.

“Scientists and consumer health advocates have warned that fish oil labels are misleading and that consumers are wasting their money,” the Nature’s Bounty class action stated.

Fasce was looking to represent a nationwide class and New York subclass of consumers who had purchased one or more of Nature’s Bounty fish oil supplements within the applicable statute of limitations period, Top Class Actions wrote.

Although eating fish promoted cardiovascular health, multiple randomised trials had tested fish oil against placebos and shown “no evidence of heart-related benefits from fish oil supplements,” Fasce was quoted as saying.

“(Fasce) would not have purchased the product if he had known that they have not actually been shown to improve cardiovascular outcomes or promote heart health,” the class action stated.

Fasce’s claims against Nestlé Health Sciences included intentional misrepresentation; negligent misrepresentation; breach of express warranty and implied warranties; and violation of an implied contract, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, New York General Business Law and consumer protection acts in six states.

The plaintiff had asked for a jury trial and requested injunctive relief along with an award of treble and punitive damages for himself and all class members, the report said.

A separate class action lawsuit filed in September 2021 against Nature’s Bounty and The Bountiful Co claimed they had sold fish oil tablets which did not contain fish oil or any other essential omega-3 fatty acids, Top Class Actions wrote.

Nature’s Bounty was among the core brands of The Bountiful Company which Nestlé Health Science acquired in August 2021.

The Swiss-headquartered company’s portfolio includes science-based active lifestyle nutrition, medical nutrition and pharmaceutical solutions and its products are available in more than 140 countries, according to its website.