Global agribusiness giant Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) has teamed up with renewable fuels company Global Clean Energy Holdings (GCEH) to promote camelina in Latin America, Biofuels Digest wrote.

The partnership would involve the promotion of camelina cultivation in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, the 13 July report said.

Building on its existing production in North America and Europe, GCEH would manage seed breeding operations to improve camelina varieties in the region, supply camelina seed, and provide support to farmers participating in the programme, Biofuels Digest wrote.

As part of the agreement, LDC will manage origination activities and contracts with farmers ensuring that all production has sustainable certification, as well as handling post-harvest logistics and processing into meal and oil, according to the report.

The camelina meal would be used in the production of animal feed while the camelina oil would be processed into renewable fuels, the report said.

Representatives from both companies had held six technical conferences with more than 200 agricultural producers in Argentina, sharing key crop characteristics and crop management advice, as well as a commercial offer for the 2023 harvest, Biofuels Digest wrote.