Global agribusiness giant Louis Dreyfus Co (LDC) officially opened its US$2.7M expanded grains and oilseeds storage site in Campo Largo, Chaco province in Argentina with a ribbon cutting ceremony, World Grain reported on 7 July.

As well as two new storage silos, cleaning and drying equipment was installed. A rail bypass was also constructed to allow the Belgrano Cargas railway line to enter the plant and directly transport agricultural products from northern Argentina to agro-industrial and port complexes in Gran Rosario, Santa Fe.

LDC said the new additions to its Campo Largo warehouse would provide more efficient and competitive logistics for the transport of soya, corn, wheat and sunflower in Argentina.

“El Chaco has enormous productive potential and this investment will directly benefit its producers,” said Luis Zubizarreta, LDC regional director of institutional relations for south & west Latin. “Farmers will receive better services, streamline their logistics process and costs, and ultimately obtain greater value for their products.”

LDC is also planning a second stage of expansion over the next four years, aiming to double its current storage and loading capacity in Argentina, according to World Grain.