Global agribusiness giant Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) has announced it will be launching a new food and feed solutions platform in January.

LDC said on 13 December that the new platform would focus on developing and growing its presence in the lecithin, glycerine and speciality feed protein sectors.

“Demand growth for ingredients of natural origin is accelerating, fuelled by increasing use in functional foods, nutraceutical products, personal care products and other non-food and industry applications,” LDC’s CEO Michael Gelchie said.

“As part of LDC’s strategic plans for revenue diversification through more value-added products, we see an opportunity to participate in this rapidly growing nature-based ingredients market.”

The company said it would scale up its involvement in the nature-based ingredients market through increased production capacity and through targeted acquisitions and investments to diversify and expand the geographical scope of its portfolio.

“We expect the new Food & Feed Solutions Platform to become a solid base for the execution of LDC’s strategy to diversify revenue streams by transforming or upcycling agri-commodity by-products into value-added products and solutions,” said LDC’s chief commercial officer James Zhou, who will also lead the new platform.

“To achieve this, we will build on existing capabilities in the processing of oilseeds, oils and lipids ingredients and, eventually, other processing derivatives from LDC’s existing product portfolio.”

Organised into six geographical regions and nine platforms, LDC is active in more than 100 countries and sources, processes and transports approximately 80M tonnes/year of products.