Chemical company LG Chem has signed a deal with food conglomerate CJ CheilJedang for a bio-nylon joint venture in South Korea.

The initiative would focus on the production of bio-nylon from pentamethylenediamine (PMDA), a raw material produced by fermenting corn, sugarcane and other crops, LG Chem said on 15 February.

As part of the initiative, CJ CheilJedang would produce PMDA using microbial precision fermentation technology and joint development technology between the two companies, while LG Chem would polymerise it to produce and sell bio-nylon, LG Cherm said.

Offering the same heat resistance and durability as petroleum-based nylon, the bio-nylon was suitable for use in a range of sectors including textiles, cars and electronic devices.

“This agreement … represents cooperation between leading companies in their respective fields towards the common goal of Net Zero,” LG Chem CEO Hak Cheol Shin said.

According to its website, Seoul-based LG Chem is active in the petrochemicals, advanced materials and life sciences sectors and also has a subsidiary specialising in batteries.

Seoul-based CJ Cheiljedang manufactures food ingredients, food, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

The global market demand for bio-nylon was expected to record an annual growth rate of 29%, expanding from 400,000 tonnes in 2023 to 1.4M tonnes by 2028, LG Chem said.