Russian multinational energy corporation company Lukoil has been testing algae-based biodiesel at its refinery in Bulgaria.

The project – conducted with a partner at Lukoil’s oil refinery in Bulgaria – involved the production of biodiesel and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from AlgenCrude, which is made from algae, the company announced in its 2022 Sustainability Report published on 13 July.

In partnership with the municipality of Burgas, the company said it had also been working on a project – now at the experimental stage – to produce pyrolysis oil.

In Finland, Lukoil’s Teboil Green+ product – a fuel made completely from waste and residual stock which had previously only been available for direct container shipments – was now available to retail and small wholesale customers, according to the report.

“The carbon footprint of the product is 90% lower than conventional fuel,” the company said.