Barkmeijer shipyard, photographer Andrew Chin ©
Barkmeijer shipyard, photographer Andrew Chin ©

The complete range of marine engines available from German technology company MAN Engines has been approved for use with renewable diesel, the company announced.

MAN Engines said the move would allow customers to replace conventional petroleum-based diesel fuel with renewable diesel without a change of engine.

“Renewable diesel fuel ensures cleaner combustion with fewer emissions. There are neither reductions in performance nor disadvantages with regard to service and maintenance intervals,” MAN Engines’ head of engineering Werner Kübler said in the 22 June statement.

The company added that the use of renewable diesel did not require any changes to be made to existing vehicles or the refuelling infrastructure, and as it could be used in a pure form, 100% renewable diesel could be used, without the addition of conventional diesel fuel.

Covering series MAN D2862, D2868 and D2676 with six, eight and 12 cylinders, which are used in yachts and work boats, the move covers the complete MAN marine engine range from 147kW (200HP) to 1,471kW (2,000HP).

The engines comply with the standard EN15940 in Europe and the American Society for Testing and Materials’ (ASTM) specification ASTM D975, MAN Engines said, and operate in line with emission guidelines issued by the US Environmental Protection Agency, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the European Union.