A collaboration between leading renewable diesel producer Neste, French fuel supplier Altens and pipeline company TRAPIL has delivered up to 3.5M litres of hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) by pipeline in Europe, Neste announced.

Neste said the use of a pipeline to deliver renewable diesel the 192km distance from Le Havre, in northwestern France, to Gennevilliers, near Paris, led to a 92% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared to using tanker truck transportation.

A total of 3.5M litres of Neste-produced renewable diesel was transported by Trapil via the pipeline to the depot in Gennevilliers, where Altens stores its products for the region.

The delivery took less than 48 hours to complete, according to the 6 April statement, replacing 110 truck deliveries.

“We share common ambitions with Altens and TRAPIL, with which we were now able to take another step forward in our efforts to reduce road transport emissions in France,” Peter Zonneveld, vice president (sales renewable road transportation Europe and APAC) at Neste, said.

Neste MY renewable diesel is produced from 100% renewable raw materials.