Neste partner with DSM to produce polymers from sustainable feedstock

Finnish renewable fuels producer Neste has partnered with Dutch science-based company DSM to produce polymers from sustainable feedstock, Neste announced on 27 November.

As part of the collaboration, DSM Engineering Materials would replace a “significant portion” of the fossil feedstock used in the manufacture of its high performance polymers portfolio with feedstock produced from recycled waste plastics and/or 100% bio-based hydrocarbons, Neste said.

Neste said its bio-based hydrocarbons were produced entirely from renewable raw materials, such as waste and residue oils and fats.

The polymers produced would be used, for example, in the car, electronics and packaging industries.

In the short term, the aim was to replace several thousand tonnes of fossil feedstock in the production of polymers with alternative, sustainable feedstock.

The companies said their collaboration underlined their commitment to contribute to a circular economy.

“We have a long history of delivering tangible proof points of our commitment to sustainability. As a next step, we are going to even further reduce our footprint and will offer a full alternative range of our existing portfolio based on bio- and/or recycled-based materials by 2030,” DSM engineering materials president Shruti Singhal said.

Royal DSM is a global science-based company involved in the nutrition, health and sustainable living sectors.