Finnish renewable fuels producer Neste has entered a circular economy partnership with McDonald’s Netherlands and global supply chain company HAVI, the company announced on 24 June.

The collaboration will involve McDonald’s restaurants in the Netherlands recycling used cooking oil from French fries into Neste MY Renewable diesel. The fuel will be used in HAVI trucks that deliver goods to McDonald’s.

In the circular economy partnership, McDonald’s’ supply chain partner HAVI collects the used cooking oil from all 252 Dutch McDonald’s restaurants. Neste then converts this used cooking oil at its Rotterdam refinery into the renewable diesel that fuels HAVI’s trucks.

"We want to partner with forward-thinking businesses and cities and turn their used cooking oil, grease or other waste into renewable fuel and products. The used cooking oil from McDonald’s is an excellent raw material for our Neste MY Renewable Diesel,” said Carl Nyberg, executive vice president for Neste’s Renewable Road Transportation business unit.

In 2019, Neste launched a partnership with the City of Oakland to fuel the city’s fleet with Neste MY made from used cooking oil, grease and other waste and residue materials sourced from local businesses in the San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward metropolitan area.

Neste has been active in the Netherlands since 2011 when the Rotterdam refinery for renewable products started its operations.

Launched on the Dutch market in October 2019, MY Renewable Diesel is now also available in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and in the USA in California and Oregon.