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Leading Indian oil palm company 3F Oil Palm has announced the launch of a new high-yield oil palm hybrid in the country, The Hindu BusinessLine reported.

Imported from Malaysia and Costa Rica by 3F Oil Palm, the new three-way crossed hybrid, could reduce yield time from 36 months to 24 months, the company said in the 8 August report.

The company said it planned to plant 5,000-7,500ha with the new hybrid saplings, initially to farmers in Andhra Pradesh ahead of the 2022/23 season.

“We have entered into an agreement with a couple of players in Malaysia and Costa Rica. Under this agreement, our scientists worked with them to develop the seed sprouts that suit our weather conditions,” 3F Oil Palm CEO and managing director Sanjay Goenka was quoted as saying by Hindu BusinessLine.

The new releases included CALIX Q6, which was produced in Malaysia by Sime Darby Plantation (Sime Darby) and helped plants withstand high temperatures, the report said.

With a total planted area of 33,000ha in different states, 3F Oil Palm also had plans to increase its production capacity, Goenka said.

“We are planning to double the processing capacity to 150 tonnes/hour in the next two years from the present capacity of 75 tonnes/hour,” he added.