Cannabis processing technology company Nextleaf Solutions has licensed its US patent to international construction company Hempcrete Natural Building for technology to process hemp ash for use in cement manufacturing, the company announced.

Hemp ash processed using Nextleaf’s patented technology processes can be used as a replacement for fly ash in the manufacturing of Portland cement, reducing volumes of biomass sent to landfill, according to the company.

Government-funded R&D led by Nextleaf engineering manager Krupal Pal had found that hemp ash performed well as a biofuel and as a cementitious material, Nextleaf said on 9 May.

“Nextleaf identified carbon lifecycle management as an opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while launching a new vertical product,” Nextleaf CEO and co-founder Paul Pedersen.

A federally regulated producer of cannabis oil, Nextleaf develops processes for the extraction and distillation of cannabinoids and also manufactures and distributes cannabis vapes and oils.

British Colombia-based Hempcrete Natural’s focus is on building carbon neutral communities and affordable housing. The company removes petrochemicals from the construction process by replacing them with fibre-reinforced lightweight concrete.