Spanish-based pharmaceutical company Noventure is launching a drinkable omega-3 oil sachet after signing an agreement with Azur, NutritionInsight reported on 18 February.

The supplement comprises 3g of drinkable EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) in each sachet, Nutrition Insight said.

“The agreement is a great opportunity for growth in an expanding market, since EPA3G is a very well differentiated product,” José Luis Fumanal, vice president, sales and marketing for Noventure, told NutritionInsight.

The company’s main focus would be on European expansion, Fumanal said.

Under the terms of the agreement which covered over 50 countries, Noventure had the rights to license EPA3G to specialised companies, NutritionInsight wrote.

Some of the current available options of multiple servings or difficult-to-swallow capsules were not ideal, according to Noventure, in contrast to its new easy-to-take daily dose.

“Globally, EPA is gaining importance and becoming a part of many consumers’ daily diets. The key reasons for this market growth have been the increased prevalence of lifestyle diseases and people choosing preventive healthcare measures,” Azur CEO Julio Boza said.

Azur Global Nutrition is a division of Solutex, a global manufacturer and supplier of omega-3 fatty acids for the pharmaceutical, nutritional and cosmetic industries.