United Soybean Board
United Soybean Board

Leading biotechnology company Novozymes has announced it is developing a degumming centre of excellence in Latin America.

Although adding enzymes to the degumming process significantly boosted oil yield, it involved retrofits, the company said on its website, and the degumming centre would help customers to know what yield increases to expect from their specific feedstock before making this investment.

Spread across two campuses in Brazil, one in Campinas and the other in Araucária, the centre would feature a pilot plant where tests could be carried out to see how customers’ feedstocks responded to enzymatic degumming, the company said.

Novozymes said the pilot plant would also be able to conduct long-term observations to pinpoint changes – in oil for example - that could impact yields.

“We can then work to develop customised recommendations for adjustments that will return yields to expected levels,” the company said. “Soyabean oil is a valuable commodity for soyabean-growing nations including Brazil and Argentina, so it’s essential that producers get the most from every bean.”

Novozymes’ focus is on the research, development and production of industrial enzymes, micro-organisms, and bio-pharmaceutical ingredients.