O&3 markets ‘superfood’ oils and butters for cosmetic use

UK-based natural oil supplier O&3 has identified six ‘superfood’ oils and butters in its range to inspire cosmetic product formulation.

“In the food industry, the superfoods mantra is well established – they offer health benefits beyond simple nutritional value,” said O&3 chief executive Jennifer Wood. “As a key player in the beauty industry, we are beginning to endorse the superfood concept, with demand for these mineral-rich ingredients in cosmetic and beauty products only set to increase.”

O&3 has highlighted six ‘superfood’ ingredients out of its range of 600 products, which include cold pressed and essential oils, butters, waxes and soap.

Avocado cold pressed oil
Sourced from damaged South African avocados not fit for sale as fruit, O&3 said this oil had high absorption into the skin and the ability to stimulate hair growth.

Blueberry butter
O&3 produces this product by mixing blueberry oil with fatty acids and unsaponifiables from other vegetable oils, for use alone or in 8-10% formulations.

Refined papaya seed oil
O&3 said this oil was rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and papain enzyme, with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Camellia (green tea) infused sunflower oil
With a high content of oleic acid, vitamin E, polyphenols abd omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, O&£ said this oil was suitable for all skin applications.

Jojoba seed cold pressed oil
Originally introduced as a replacement to sperm whale oil, jojoba was a non-greasy lubricant best served in skin, hair and baby care products, O&3 said.

Spinach seed cold pressed oil
Containing vitamins and antioxidants, with applications for damaged and ageing skin in soap, skin and hair care ranges, according to O&3.