US agricultural product processor and exporter Perdue AgriBusiness has entered a soya agreement with biotech company Zeakal, the companies announced.

The multi-year agreement will involve Perdue AgriBusiness raising more sustainable poultry through improved soya genetics and feed quality using Zeakal’s PhotoSeed trait technology, according to the 10 May statement.

San Diego-based Zeakal said its PhotoSeed technology had been developed to increase photosynthetic capacity, converting more carbon dioxide and sunlight into energy for the plant.

In soyabeans, this has consistently resulted in improved oil and protein content while improving the sustainability index of the crop, according to Zeakal.

“As we evaluated our supply chain, it became clear that moving upstream to access better seed genetics could improve value and sustainability,” Perry Aulie, senior vice president of Value-added Products for Perdue AgriBusiness, said.

Based on year-on-year results, the PhotoSeed technology demonstrates improved seed composition without compromising yield, according to Zeakal.

“Feed and nutritional density play a key role in overall animal health and productivity, starting with adequate protein,” Bruce Stewart Brown, senior vice president of Technical Services and Innovation for Perdue Farms, said.

As a leading poultry producer and soybean processor, Perdue handles approximately 1.21M ha (3M acres)/year of soyabeans.

An independent operating company of Perdue Farms, Perdue AgriBusiness serves market across the USA and worldwide through 75 elevator locations with more than 75M bushels of storage, deep-water port, transload facilities, oilseed crushing operations, edible oil refinery and protein blend mills.