Peru commits to deforestation-free palm oil by 2021

Peru has committed to end deforestation from palm oil by 2021 in an agreement that will to ensure sustainable and deforestation-free production in the future.

The decision made by the Peruvian Palm Oil Producers’ Association (JUNPALMA) tied in with global demands and initiatives for sustainable palm oil supplies, Cosmetic Design wrote on 12 September.

The agreement was made between JUNPALMA and the US-based National Wildlife Federation, in collaboration with local governments, farmers and the independent conservation organisation, Sociedad Peruana de Ecodesarollo.

It would make Peru the second country in Latin America to honour such an agreement, following one Colombia signed in 2017.

Peru’s agreement was two years in the making and was signed as a joint declaration between the organisations that also involved Norwegian and German government bodies.

Peru was currently the 17th largest global producer of palm oil at 193M tonnes/year, with Guatemala at sixth (852M tonnes), Ecuador seventh (630M tonnes), Honduras ninth (580M tonnes) and Brazil 10th (540M tonnes), Cosmetic Design reported.

In 2018, Colombia was the fourth largest palm oil producer with 1.6bn tonnes/year of production.