Playmobil ©
Playmobil ©

The German manufacturers of the Playmobil range of plastic toys have launched a line of 95% sugarcane-based figures to be included with McDonald’s Happy Meals in Germany.

Produced by the Horst Brandstätter Group in collaboration with McDonald’s, the Wiltopia range comprises 14 animal figures and will be available between April and November in 70 countries.

“Playmobil stands for a sustainable play experience. We are pursuing various approaches to continuously increase the proportion of non- primarily fossil-based plastics in the entire range. We are increasingly using plant-based materials,” Playmobil CEO Bahri Kurter said in April.

As part of its plan to achieve climate neutrality by 2027, the Group’s said its long-term aim was to make all business models circular.

Other projects included the replacement of all fossil-based materials in its toddler portfolio with plant-based materials.

For example, the playsets in the company’s new Playmobil Junior bran are made from plastics derived from at least 90% plant-based materials.