Leading US ethanol producer Poet is increasing production of bio-based industrial alcohol at two of its biorefineries, Ethanol Producer reported on 3 August.

The company said the move to produce pharmaceutical-grade, alcohol-based sanitiser would help meet the spike in demand for sanitation and cleaning products during the COVID-19 pandemic while creating a new domestic market to boost the agricultural economy.

“Bio-based sanitisers are made from renewable resources and can replace poisonous synthetic cleaners, made from fossil fuels, in our hospitals and homes, while still keeping us safe by killing harmful bacteria and germs,” said Poet CEO Jeff Broin, who founded the company.

Poet was making significant investments to enhance operations at its biorefinery in Leipsic, Ohio, and was in the design phase for the modification of a second industrial-grade plant in Alexandria, Indiana, that was due for completion in early 2021, Ethanol Producer said.