All rail services at Canada’s Port of Vancouver had been cut off due to storm flooding and landslides in British Colombia, Freight Waves wrote on 16 November.

Officials were warning that the disruption would lead to vessel delays and terminal problems, according to the report.

Significant portions of Canadian National Railway (CN) and Canadian Pacific rail lines serving the port were shut down after heavy rain hit the province and the Pacific Northwest, the report said.

The disruption was likely to lead to problems throughout the Canadian supply chain, according to the report, adding delays for shipments of everything from containers to bulk commodities.

“Vessel delays and heightened anchorage demand are expected due to disruptions to terminal operations,” port spokesperson Matti Polychronis wrote in an email.

“We are working closely with our terminal operators, railways and all levels of government to understand the impacts of these delays on terminal operations and to develop a recovery plan.”

A total of 32 vessels were reported to be anchored at the port on 16 November, Freight Waves wrote.

In the summer, the rail service at Vancouver had also been hit with disruption due to wildfires, the report said, which led to major backlogs for weeks.

The disruption came at a time when Vancouver was handling record amounts of cargo with a reported 24% increase in container volumes and a 7% increase in total cargo volumes for the first six months of this year, Freight Waves wrote.