Source: MOL Group
Source: MOL Group

A new biofuel plant operated by Hungarian biodiesel producer Rossi Biofuel, a subsidiary of the ENVIEN Group, has opened in Hungary, the companies announced.

Built by Austrian process engineering company BDI-Bioenergy International (BDI), the new multi-feedstock facility in Komárom uses BDI’s repeatable catalyst technology (RepCat), according to a joint statement by the companies on 14 March.

Approved last year by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) as a disposal process for high-risk waste fats, the RepCAT technology could process a range of waste oils and fats, such as used cooking oil (UCO), fat from grease separators or waste from plant-based oil production, BDI said.

Following the addition of the new RepCAT unit, the plant will produce around 210,000 tonnes/year of biodiesel from fresh plant oil, UCO and other waste oils, according to the statement.

“The BDI RepCAT process means we can use a high variety of feedstock, even lowest-quality materials – such as trap grease or animal fats – to produce… high-quality biodiesel,” ENVIEN Group chairman of the board Róbert Spišák said.

A joint venture of the ENVIEN Group and MOL Group, Rossi Biofuel’s main activity is the production of biodiesel from fresh plant oil, UCO and other waste oils.

BDI-BioEnergy International designs and builds customised biodiesel production plants using its patented multi-feedstock process to produce biodiesel from a range of feedstocks, such as plant-based oils, UCO and animal fats.