Swedish flexible sealing provider Roxtec has teamed up with transportation and logistics company GEODIS for the supply of sustainable marine fuel, Roxtec announced on 19 October.

As part of the agreement between the two companies, the 400m container ship HMM Oslo delivered a Roxtec consignment using sustainable marine fuel supplied by GEODIS.

“We want to act now to reduce our impact on the climate and have therefore decided to pay a surcharge for the sustainable marine fuel. In this way, we contribute to accelerate the production of sustainable fuels and make them more accessible,” Roxtec executive vice president Global Operations Håkan Nilsson said.

Choosing fuels produced from used cooking oil (UCO) and forest residues reduced CO₂ emissions by 90% compared to conventional fuels, Roxtec said, and the move was also a way for the company to promote ocean freight and reduce transportation by air.

“We aim to give our customers the opportunity to choose sustainable aviation fuels for their direct deliveries,” Nilsson added.

The Roxtec Group is a leading provider of modular-based cable and pipe seals and is active in more than 80 sectors.

Headquartered in France, Geodis has five areas of business: supply chain optimisation, freight forwarding, contract logistics, distribution & express and road transport, according to its website.