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Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) has been introduced at Gatwick Airport, UK, through a collaboration between leading renewable diesel producer Neste, aviation fuel supplier Q8Aviation, airline company easyJet and the airport, Neste announced on 19 October.

As part of the partnership, 42 easyJet flights from Gatwick Airport will be powered by a 30% Neste MY SAF blend, according to the company, with the first one taking off on the day of the announcement.

Out of the 42 flights running on Neste’s SAF blend, 39 would be easyJet flights from Gatwick to Glasgow during the COP26 Climate Change Conference from 31 October to 12 November.

“The aviation industry has already taken important steps to reduce its environmental impact. A key element in achieving this is the wider introduction of sustainable aviation fuel,” Jonathan Wood, vice president Europe, renewable aviation, at Neste said.

“Neste welcomes government proposals to encourage the use of SAF to reduce aviation greenhouse gas emissions. It is important that more and more airlines, airports and fuel suppliers lead the way to a more sustainable future for aviation.”

Neste was set to increase SAF production capacity from 100,000 tonnes/year to 1.5M tonnes/year in 2023, he added.

Neste’s MY SAF is produced from 100% renewable and sustainable waste and residue raw materials, such as used cooking oil and animal fat waste.

The company said its SAF was blended with Jet A-1 fuel to create a drop-in fuel that was compatible with existing aircraft engines.

Q8Aviation delivered the fuel to the main storage tanks at Gatwick Airport for supply to easyJet aircraft via the airport’s hydrant system, Neste said.

Gatwick Airport was committed to achieving Net Zero direct emissions by 2040, the report said.