Canadian soyabean company Sevita International is building a new soyabean processing plant in Ontario, World Grain reported on 9 August.

The new C$3.6M (US$2.9M) facility in Inkerman would be designed to process and package both seed and food-grade soyabeans in the same plant, according to the report.

Sevita was planning to expand its seed business in Eastern Ontario by about 50%, the report said, and the new facility was expected to lead to lower production costs and improve quality.

The facility was expected to feature equipment that warmed seeds to extend the seed processing and treating season, World Grain wrote.

On its website, the company said it provided growers with exclusive varieties through its breeding division, Sevita Genetics, and it also sourced multiple suppliers to obtain varieties and hybrids with prominent biotechnological characteristics.

Sevita said the diversity of its product range offered growers the opportunity to use seeds at different times of their rotation.

The company’s latest expansion was supported by the Eastern Ontario Development Fund, World Grain said.