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Global oil giant Shell International Petroleum (Shell) and German airline Deutsche Lufthansa have signed a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) supply agreement.

The agreement would involve Shell supplying the Lufthansa Group with SAF at airports worldwide starting in 2024 for seven years, Shell said on 1 August.

During the seven-year period, the supply could total up to 1.8M tonnes (2.7bn litres/594M gallons), Shell said.

“It is encouraging to see large flagship carriers coming to us to discuss SAF supply deals, knowing there will be a lot of things to be defined and determined at a later stage, including established price markers. SAF is the most significant way to decarbonise aviation over the decades to come,” Shell aviation president Jan Toschka said.

In contrast to most SAF supply arrangements, where the fuel is produced using one type of technology, Shell said the potential SAF supplied in the agreement would be produced by up to four different approved technology pathways using a range of sustainable feedstocks.

The agreement contributed to Shell’s ambition of having at least 10% of its global aviation fuel sales as SAF by 2030 and on Lufthansa’s aim to drive the use of SAF as a core element of its sustainability strategy.