Sime Darby Oils and ADVOC to market speciality fats in MENA region

Malaysia’s Sime Darby Oils (SDO) and Abu Dhabi Vegetable Oil Company (ADVOC) have announced a partnership to market oils and fats products in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region.

The companies said on 19 August that they would operate in the region as a single sales and marketing team, focusing on basic and speciality fats (including bakery fats, shortening, industrial margarines, spread fats, dairy replacers, confectionery fats and cocoa butter substitutes and replacers).

“The teams are working closely to set up the operations, structure, portfolio, marketing, route-to-consumer strategies, licensing and other operational matters,” said Nirman Shetty, ADVOC director.

“The MENA region is a key growth market for SDO,” said Mohd Haris Mohd Arshad, SDO’s managing director. “Partnering with ADVOC enables us to establish an on-the-ground presence through enhanced local market knowledge and capabilities, and open up opportunities for sustainable products and supply chain.”

UAE-based ADVOC supplies edible oils and fats in the MENA region with brands including Coroli, LiteLife and Sarola. It operates an edible oil refinery and fractionation plant in Abu Dhabi.

SDO is a subsidiary of Sime Darby Plantations (SDP), one of the world’s largest oil palm planation companies with an oil palm planted area of more than 600,000ha. SDO represents the downstream operations of SDP, involving the manufacturing, sale and marketing of oils and fats products, palm oil-based biodiesel, nutraceuticals and other derivatives. It manages 11 refineries with a total capacity of 3.8M tonnes/year.