Singapore start-up Green COP is set to establish a pilot biofuels plant after securing funding.

Once operational, the plant would have a production capacity of 1 tonne/day, the company said on 13 February.

The company said it had received substantial funding from a group of angel investors, including corporate investor Ken Energy, to establish the plant.

In addition, Green COP said it had also formed a strategic collaboration with a leading global palm oil player to form synergies in sustainable practices.

According to its website, Green COP produces biofuels from biowaste, with a primary focus on the maritime and transportation sectors.

The company has developed a patented pre-treatment and fermentation technology to produce drop-in fuels that integrate with existing infrastructure.

Green COP’s website said its alcohol-based biofuels offered an extended shelf life of more than 24 months and contributed to a 30% reduction in NOx emissions.