China’s largest oil refiner China Petrochemical Corp is planning to step up its involvement in the biofuel market by continuing its B5 biodiesel project in Shanghai while accelerating research on B10, China Daily reported on 18 June.

B5 biodiesel is a blend of 5% biodiesel made from oil discarded by the catering industry and 95% petroleum diesel fuel. B10 blends 10% biodiesel.

The push to promote B10 would be likely to have a significant influence on the country’s energy security while increasing the city’s capacity to dispose of kitchen waste, the company said.

The Shanghai unit of China Petrochemical Corp (Sinopec) said it had provided B5 biodiesel to tens of thousands of vehicles in the city. Since the pilot programme started in 2017, the project had helped to dispose of 30,000 tonnes of kitchen waste.

Capable of producing 400,000-600,000 tonnes/year of biodiesel, B5 had also entered the retail sector with more than 40% of its 240 gas stations providing the product.

Sinopec said it was planning to expand its biodiesel stations to other major cities across the country.