Spanish food producer Väcka has launched two vegan cheese products made with olive oil, Olive Oil Times wrote.

The use of extra virgin olive oil and melon seed milk as alternatives to coconut oil and fermented almond milk in the two new products, Väcka’s Mözza and Pumpkin Chxddar, led to a 73.6% reduction in saturated fats, according to the company.

A patent for Väcka’s non-dairy cheese production method, which involves the fermentation of melon seeds, was being evaluated by the US Patent and Trademark Office at the time of the 31 January report.

While the health benefits of olive oil were well known, Väcka said that melon seed milk was another healthy alternative to commonly used fats, Olive Oil Times wrote.

One component of melon seed milk, linoleic acid, could help prevent cardiovascular disease and strengthen the immune system, the company said, while extra virgin olive oil also contained a limited amount of linoleic acid.