Spanish olive oil producer and exporter Acesur plans to open a new production centre in the USA to evade the recently imposed US tariffs on some Spanish olive oil imports.

“This would allow us to take the product from anywhere in the world to the USA and produce our oil while dodging avoiding tariffs,” said Gonzalo Guillén, executive director of Acesur on 28 October.

On 2 October, the USA announced tariffs on US$7.5bn worth of EU goods as a result of a 15-year long trade dispute over EU subsidies to European aerospace corporation firm Airbus, which the World Trade Organization ruled were improper.

US imports of Spanish virgin and non-virgin olive oil in containers of less than 18kg are subject to 25% tariffs, which took effect on 18 October.

Acesur, which bottled the olive oil brands Coosur and La Española, was also making plans to open a packaging centre to which it could export olive oil in bulk, Olive Oil Times reported.

Bulk olive oil would be packaged at the new plant and distributed in the USA.

Acesur did not announce where the plant would be and how many people it would employ, Olive Oil Times wrote.