Independent bulk liquid storage provider Stanlow Terminals is set to develop the UK’s largest biofuels storage hub over the next three years, the company announced on 13 December.

The 300,000m³ facility at the Stanlow Manufacturing Complex and Tranmere Terminal, in the Port of Liverpool, would allow the storage, blending and distribution of biofuels for use in the road, aviation and marine sectors, the company said.

“As the world comes together to develop innovative ways of generating sustainable energy, the supporting storage and transportation infrastructure needs to evolve,” Stanlow Terminals CEO Michael Gaynon said.

“We’re primed to lead the national charge and create the UK’s first sustainable energy hub.”

Although services offered by Stanlow Terminals currently includes biofuels storage, the company said the new facility would support the growth of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) initiatives and would include waste-based feedstock import facilities, blending and capacity expansion for existing bio-ethanol and bio-methanol.

Additional storage investment opportunities for low carbon energy products, such as e-fuels, bio-LPG, bio-methane, hydrogen and ammonia were all progressing through feasibility studies, the company said.

Earlier in 2021, Stanlow Terminals joined forces with parent company Essar and Fulcrum BioEnergy to develop a storage facility at Stanlow for SAF manufactured from non-recyclable household waste.

Stanlow Terminals said it was also supporting the UK’s hydrogen economy and the HyNet North West project by developing storage and distribution facilities for a multi-modal hydrogen and carbon dioxide transport hub.